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Idleness And Change

As some of you know, my schedule is a bit in flux. Sometimes it's exceedingly busy. At times, I have no obligations apart from recouping on rest. So now is a good time to write here and say "hello."

I've enjoyed a wonderful while in San Francisco last year, and decided to come back to LA to try and make LA my home. I've been busy with that undertaking for the majority of this past year, but the past couple of months have been free enough to contemplate about my next step. And based on my time in LA this past year, it looks as I'll most likely be continuing on my travels East. If all my talk materializes into action as planned, hopefully this'll happen in June.

Since my first couple of years in LA and the amount of traveling I was doing on a regular basis, I've become a little bit averse to being a touring travel. So this past year, I've limited my travel comparatively. I intend to maintain that preference and remain stationary in my home city from now on.

I've always wanted to live in NYC ever since I knew the place existed. I spent the latter half of my life on the east coast, alternating between the city and the rural part of a state approximately four hours outside of NYC. So it's not the place is completely foreign. There are parts about it resemble my birth city of St. Petersburg: Public transit, book shops, coffee shops, people watching, individual ethos of any big city.

I'm very thankful for my time in LA but I feel as though it's time to for my time here to end like a good chapter out of a book. It's a mega-city with a many people privileged enough to live here, but then there are many that don't have the opportunity to experience it's diversity, culture and landscape much like I have.

Maybe I'll see you before I go?

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