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A Little About You

Lounge with me
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Who are you?

A nice person, I hope. More specifically, I enjoy the company of men of high intellect, high success and high ambition. Above all, I most value the personal attributes of kindness, generosity and a gentle disposition.

You are someone who is looking for a companion, who is easy-going, low-maintenance, and without the entaglements of more conventional female-male interactions. You are someone who can afford to pay for time, and have no hang-ups in doing so.  

You are direct in your communication, someone who doesn't have time to waste. You know what you want. Hopefully, you want to spend time with me.

If you've come across my site, it is perhaps because you are looking for something that is amiss in your life. You may be seeking for someone to play with, someone to cuddle with, someone to chat with.


So here I am.


Relax with me
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