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Talking about yourself can be a little awkward but I imagine you'd like to know a little more about me before actually deciding whether you'd like to spend time with me, so here goes.

I was born in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, Russia but have spent the majority of my life in the US, having grown up between the two coasts and having lived in about a handful of states and even more cities. I have finally decided to settle down in beautiful New Mexico, which is where I am currently based, at least for now...

I enjoy exploring the world and its people, a curiosity which has led me to pursue this life. I have no expectations about people I meet or places I visit and prefer to approach each experience as a blank slate. Like an adventure. Everyday responsibility can be mundane and stifling. If you sprinkle a little bit of adventure, it can be a way to recenter and recharge and that is my very purpose. I'm here to help you recenter and recharge.

I'm formally educated and can hold my own in a conversation on a variety of topics over dinner or drinks. Some day I would love to pursue my education further but at this time, I'm using the freedom of my current profession to help me explore some artistic pursuits.


I'm in my 30s but as the cliched saying goes, I have been told I look a little bit younger. I have a soft voice, which some people have told me they find soothing. I hope that perhaps you will, too. Since I've lived in so many different places, I also speak with a non-distinct accent that comes and goes depending on my mood.

For dates, I tend to dress in a way that is understated and conservative, as I do not like to draw a lot of attention to myself.  I tend to like clothes that are simple (and easy to take off) yet stylish and practical, which also goes for lingerie. I have no tattoos and only my ears are pierced, though I rarely wear any earrings.

I'm pretty easy-going and can adapt to most situations. If you prefer to go out on the town, I'd be happy in your company. If you choose to stay in for a quiet evening, I will be perfectly content by your side. My goal is to see you happy.

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