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Advertising: What Works For Me?

I think the challenge with me is the fact that I do not like to stay in one place. In the past couple of years, I moved from Southern TX, to Las Vegas, then to Los Angeles. For now, I'm staying put in LA-if only for now-but still travel frequently. So as a sort of gypsy, I face unique challenges in terms of marketing, and needing to be adaptive to each market as I move around.

There are certain advertisement venues that work best for certain regions as I've come to find out, because the gentlemen in those regions trust a particular advertisement venue more so than gentlemen do in other parts of the country. For example, ECCIE hobbyist forum is very popular in TX. Lots of hobbyists rely on it, as is P411 but with arguably a greater potential for higher quality clients. From what I heard, EROS works best on the East Coast, even though that hasn't been my experience in my very short stint on the east coast this past Christmas and New Years.

TER seems to be very important in LA, but I haven't really found my niche in that community and don't think I will, since my value systems regarding this line of work do not seem to align with that of the community (e. g. emphasis on objectifying providers, quantifying performance, compromising of provider privacy via explicit reviews, etc. ).

I recently submitted an application to Gina's Little Secret online advertisement venue and was accepted. For clarification's sake, it is not an agency. It is simply an advertisement portal where elite providers are given an advertisement slot for a monthly fee. It works like any other advertisement mall, only the fee structure to advertise is slightly different and many clients trust the site, so they prefer to select a provider off it over sifting through various mall boards to find one to their liking.

I shall see how that works. And as I continue my travels, I will continue to learn more about different advertisement options and marketing techniques.

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