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November 2020 Tour

A little update on my upcoming tour…

As you may already know, my touring this past year has been more sparse than usual due to COVID. I’ve used the extra free time to get a few other hustles started. Though I’ve yet to see if any of my efforts as far as that is concerned will bear fruit, I remain hopeful that the future looks promising. In the beginning of the year, I visited several cities in California. After the COVID restrictions have come and gone, I did a tour of SLC, Idaho and The South. Now, as you can see, I put up a bunch of ads for cities in the Midwest. So prepare for my visit there come November…

With the ads up, I’m getting inundated with contacts, so if I don’t answer, just be advised it’s because I am saving all of my answers for later when I actually have exact travel dates set. Considering this, including the city you are inquiring about in the subject line would be immensely helpful as I try to sort through all of my messages. As of now, I anticipate leaving New Mexico to tour the Midwest in November. I anticipate allotting several days for each city. Of course, cities with the most inquiries will be given priority for a visit.

I look forward to exploring that part of the country, and of course, meeting some new friends as well as re-uniting with the old.


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