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The Price

As you may already know, a little background about me, I spent a good deal of time in the larger cities, mostly in Los Angeles and NYC but also, some in San Francisco. These were my earlier years of working in The Industry. It was also a time I delegated to experiencing the world a bit through it's most desirable cities in America. I'm at a point in my life, and in my journey as an escort, where I've decided that those cities may be more trouble than they are worth, better left to visit than one in which to navigate one's day-to-day life. So after leaving my last big city of residence more than two years ago, I made it a point to settle in a city I've long admired, by the mountains, and continue my adventures as an escort in secondary markets with rare visits to the larger cities where I used to reside. In my visits to smaller cities, I'm sometimes questioned about my rates for time. While inquiries like that indicate that I get ample spam in my inbox, I think the question has some legitimacy. So let me just expound upon it briefly here.

When I first started in this line of work, I worked for a legal third party where I charged 1k/hr. Sometimes this rate was a good deal more; occasionally it was less. The other workers with whom I worked charged as much as 3k/hr and encouraged me to do the same.

Once I got bored and left this work situation to try a different scenario, I went online but continued working offline in legal capacities. It didn't occur to me that there would be a difference in the offline and the online worlds but there is. Here is what I realized as the general rules as the difference between the two: The offline world commands higher prices and less risk. The offline segment of the industry requires a 'punch clock' and interpersonal relationships with coworkers. The online industry, on the other hand, is more solitary and offers more freedom and less hours 'on the clock', but the hourly rate for one-on-one time in private, is usually less

While the rates either offline or online may seem high for a job that requires no education, no specialized training or certifications, I'm coming from a world where hourly rates are a lot. I'm very thankful that I chose such a beginning, where I was taught what should be the norm. In some ways, rather than working my "way up," I feel as though I've had to find my "way down" in the online sphere. Despite the number that I may request for time, so much of working in adult entertainment is "hurry up and wait" and my time is reserved for just a few gents. The hourly rate for my time does not denote greed, illicitness or any of the reasons you may get from other high-end companions to justify the steep hourly rate. It's simply the norm for adult entertainment. It's a highly paid profession and that's one of the reasons I chose it over another, suitable occupation for someone with a post-secondary education, like myself.

I think at this point in time, my rates are in line with other higher-end companions in mid-sized cities, which you would find online. In some ways, rather than working my "way up," I feel as though I've had to find my "way down" in the online sphere but am a good point. I hope to be in the business for awhile longer. In the meanwhile, I will continue to adjust my rates as I see fit, over time. As of now, hopefully, this has been an adequate enough explanation of my thoughts on my price and how it came to be.

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