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A Park Full of Cats!

For Christmas these past two years, I treated myself to a trip to Colombia. Last year was a revisit to Bogota, and this year was a first-time visit to Cali. Though Bogota had many things I enjoyed (especially over Cali), both cities had a couple of interesting parks. Both cities each had a park full of cats.

In Bogota, there is apparently an entire park dedicated to stray cats. As an animal lover, this was a delight for me to see and visit. I’m not exactly sure if it’s where they reside, or whether there just happened to be a lot of cats there on the day of my visit, but it looked like a home to all of the cats congregating there. So I’m assuming it’s a park dedicated for cats. These were live, very friendly cats, willing to be touched.

Though I did not enjoy Cali as much as Bogota, I did find a site that I thought was particularly interesting. During my visit to the city, one of the activities I engaged in was a city tour, during which I got the opportunity to tour multiple parks. One park had many, colorful statues of colorful cats. It was a delight!

A couple of photos are attached.


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