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Happy New Years!

As we all know, 2020 was full of surprises, some of which were not so good. With the pandemic and the riots, a significant downturn in the economy, business closures, etc, the year was rife with problems. I’ve been fortunate not to have suffered too much from the ill effects of 2020, though I certainly sympathize with those who have had a difficult year. Let us hope that 2021 is a new and better time in our history. Here’s my recap of 2020, and some hopes for 2021.

The year started well for me, much stronger than the year prior in some respects. I finished training for my first marathon and completed it mid-March. During my visit to the city where that took place, I managed to accomplish a few important errands for my creative pursuits.

There was talk about the virus, but the reality of the rumors had not yet materialized. I’ve managed to finalize a pretty big milestone around that time, right before the state government-mandated closures. In quarantine, I managed to do lots of reading, cooking, relaxing, and just waiting for things to go back to normal. While I had a lot of work-related activities on my itineraries before the enacted closures, the shutdown enabled me much needed rest and refreshment.

The year has been good for me because it reduced my ability to travel. Traveling as a companion has been something I’ve been doing for the last couple of years since relocating out of the larger cities. As much as I enjoy it, it can also be taxing and time-consuming. Thankfully, this year has given me ample time to rest and invest my time and money into other hobbies.

What will 2021 bring? Hopefully not another year of Coronavirus20. There are multiple vaccines in development and some are already being distributed. As someone who was born in Russia, I’m particularly interested in knowing the outcome of the Russian Sputnick vaccine, the first vaccine in the world released for Coronavirus and a source of national pride for the country. Hopefully, the combination of treatments and vaccines released end the pandemic mid-year. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for us all. Hopefully, a thriving economy and a healthier populace. It is my anticipation that this year allows me to reconnect with old friends, and revel in the adventure of meeting new ones!


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