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Not Staying Put

The last few weeks have been filled with travel, revisiting a few locations and visiting a few for the very first time. I thought this travel stint would be a nice change of pace, considering my complete isolation for a couple of months, as a result of my state government mandate and nationwide closings due to the COVID19 pandemic. Though it's a little unsettling to know that there should be some very specific things I should be doing at home with regards to work-which I've alluded to in my New Ventures blog-I thought I'd appreciate this trip as a form of procrastination. Here is a little brief about my whereabouts.

Georgia-I visited Atlanta and Savannah. Unfortunately, I didn't see much of Savannah, since I was merely passing through and much of the extracurricular activities I wanted to engage in Atlanta, were closed to the public due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, my favorite things about this visit, apart from the friends I managed to spend time with was the lush green scenery, beautiful flowers blooming and the sight of lake water outside of one of my hotels. The lush landscape of Georgia is so different from that of New Mexico.

Alabama-Birmingham and Huntsville have some museums worth visiting, and that, to me, is probably the best part. Birmingham has a medical museum, which unfortunately for me, was closed this trip due to the pandemic but if that is in your realm of interest, I suggest you visit once it reopens. If I visit Birmingham again, this will definitely be on my to-do list. Fortunately, I was able to visit some museums in Huntsville, with my favorite photo from the excursion posted on social media.

Portland, Maine: I spent a good deal of time here last summer, from the time when the sticky summer commenced, to the time when the air got crisp as winter creeps closer. My trip here this summer was comparatively short by a significant margin, but I'm glad to have visited nonetheless. I was fortunate to luck out on a wonderfully comfortable and luxurious place to stay. I revisited Portland's delicacies, seafood mostly, to make my visit complete.

Though I cannot be sure what the future holds, my plan before the pandemic fiasco, was to stay put more than I have in the past couple of years. I meant to focus my attention to only a few select cities, and visit others only occasionally in tandem with personal travels.

This is still my goal, to limit my movement and to stay put more because it keeps me more grounded and it affords me the ability to be productive in a different way than if I'm constantly on-the-move. Still, given the limbo-like world that the world is in at the moment, this past tour stint is much appreciated, as a welcome change of pace. In the coming months, I hope to stay put awhile. Then, I hope to visit some other new places, for yet again, a change of pace from staying put.

If you got to meet with me, I hope it was worth your while, and you can be assured that I am thankful for your welcome to your city.


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