Context As Everything

There is an old debate in the history of psychology regarding nature and nurture: Nature versus nurture. What make a person so and so?


I'd describe myself as relatively practical but always, with idealist aspirations. I've never liked the 'self-discover' phrase or aspiration in others because it goes contrary to practicality. While I lived in LA, I've heard the emphasis on self-discovery more than once, perhaps one to many times as a matter of fact. The place has a history of cults-does it not?-so anything that is impractical in that city is not anything of a surprise. In the last several months, I've had some time to reflect in regards to the whole, 'self-discovery' issue. And as much as I'm not partial to the phrase or the concept, I think that I might be relinquishing my previous inclination to dismiss the concept, I'm e

Idleness And Change

As some of you know, my schedule is a bit in flux. Sometimes it's exceedingly busy. At times, I have no obligations apart from recouping on rest. So now is a good time to write here and say "hello." I've enjoyed a wonderful while in San Francisco last year, and decided to come back to LA to try and make LA my home. I've been busy with that undertaking for the majority of this past year, but the past couple of months have been free enough to contemplate about my next step. And based on my time in LA this past year, it looks as I'll most likely be continuing on my travels East. If all my talk materializes into action as planned, hopefully this'll happen in June. Since my first couple of years

Desiree Alliance 2016

Last time I visited a Desiree Alliance Conference, it was held in Las Vegas. I was very new to the industry, bright-eyed and bushy tailed enthusiastic. I was in awe, happy to be in it and to learn all that I could about the new, wonderful adventures I was having and which were yet to come, as well as to foster some connections with others in the industry. I had much fun at the first Desiree Alliance Conference, so I was very much so looking to this one as well. This conference is not only for escorts. It’s also for other types of industry professionals, including dommes, burlesque dancers, lingerie models, etc, as well as individuals who are their allies. My previous conference experience pr

Sexy Lingerie

In my earlier photo collections, most of my photos were taken either completely in the nude or completely clothed. If you’ve been following me a while, you might have noticed the initial lack of lingerie. That is because I’m someone that enjoys artistic nudes as an art form, so it only makes sense that I incorporate some of that in the photo shoots that end up in my online galleries. Little did I know before that lingerie serves a purpose. Most men supposedly prefer it over plainness of a naked body because lingerie serves as a type of visually-stimulating adornment. With that in mind, I still appreciate the idea of black and white nude images. There is also always a time and place to walk a

Brains And Beauty

Why am I in so-called hibernation? I've embarked on the pursuit to acquire certain physical attributes that are oft equated with female beauty. And in many men's eyes, this physical attribute is also equated with brains. I'm not sure what part of the equation I had (and had not) before I embarked on my aforementioned pursuit, but I hope to have both parts in my working arsenal for a long time to come, until after I'm well past the age of caring about either. Ah, how I sometimes yearn to become a farm girl, or maybe a Peace Core volunteer where two seemingly disparate things (as in the title of this post) aren't conflated! As of late, I'm enjoying reading more than usual. My reading usually w


By this, I don't mean the quantitative science that I've never been much good at by default of struggling with algebra. I'm referring to the elusive quality of two individual's interactions. It is not something that can be predetermined. Reference requests or reviews can present a rough sketch of how an anticipated interaction may unfold but the sketch remains to be fixed when the interaction actually takes place. In some duos, there are giggles. In other duos, there is a mutual exchange of smiles. In yet other duos, there are many moments of comfortable silence. The chemistry is difficult to foretell. I tend to go in without expectations. Most interactions turn out well as I hope with the u


Those of you with whom I am acquainted know that I've been overly engaged in my more mundane life outside of this endeavor which is why I've neglected to update this blog for so long. I've been fairly active on twitter in the form of shorter updates, so it's apparent that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. (I did, however, almost fall off something else not too long ago while riding a bus full of people on a road off a very tall mountain but that is a very funny and fun story for another time.) Life is just busy, with lapses of pause to recuperate. Time can be thought of as a journey, and on my journey within the past year, I've discovered many things. These are things I can delve i

Like A Woman

The eternal question of what do women want: I don't think it's been answered yet. Nor do I think that there is a definitive answer for it, since all us women are different, varied and dynamic species of a sort. Being that I believe in fairness, I'm very much so open to the flip-side of this "What do women want?" issue to ask the reverse question of "What do men want?". When I first set out on my adventures as a companion, being the slight tomboy that I always was, I did not think of myself as very different from the average male, and therefore, thought that I had a relatively good grasp of the male psychology. I thought that men simply desired to be. Like women, I thought most men yearned fo

Where To?

With the various things I have going on in my busy schedule, I find plenty of time for small talk. I come in contact with people from all walks of life. This is something I enjoy, because of all that it offers in terms of learning about individual psychology in my introduction to each person as well as the intricacies of each person's story. My interactions with people enable me to form memories that I can treasure for a long time to come, while also enabling me to collect stories and make them my own. What I find myself doing when I meet people is the usual small talk that it takes to kind of "break the ice, " so to speak. The topics of conversation can range from something light-hearted as


In the world of companionship, companions accommodating fetishes is commonplace. Some clients like feet, some like smoke, some like panty-hose/stockings, etc. I have a fetish of my own. It's called: Words. I think that it is not unusual for a woman to be aroused by words. I think that the likelihood is probably higher than that of a man because a woman's sensuality is more cerebral and multi-sensory, while a man's is, at least according to stereotype, visual. While I do like to hear a sexy story, I probably like as much to watch something sexy, or even better yet, do something sexy. What I mean by saying that I have a word fetish is that I find words intriguing, fun, stimulating, among other


I've always been one to like touch. What I mean by this is that I like to touch, and I also like being touched. I enjoy touching things that look especially touch-worthy. This happens when my visual sense cues my touching sense, urging me to touch something that looks as though it would feel good or interesting to the touch. Curiosity is just as much a motivator as is pursuit of pleasure in that case. I also like the touch of others, or to be touched. I need ample time alone, yes. I don't fancy it a good thing, when a stranger tries to grope something that he isn't welcome (never had that problem though), and I do shy away from intentional touch by near-strangers with whom I am conversing bu

Advertising: What Works For Me?

I think the challenge with me is the fact that I do not like to stay in one place. In the past couple of years, I moved from Southern TX, to Las Vegas, then to Los Angeles. For now, I'm staying put in LA-if only for now-but still travel frequently. So as a sort of gypsy, I face unique challenges in terms of marketing, and needing to be adaptive to each market as I move around. There are certain advertisement venues that work best for certain regions as I've come to find out, because the gentlemen in those regions trust a particular advertisement venue more so than gentlemen do in other parts of the country. For example, ECCIE hobbyist forum is very popular in TX. Lots of hobbyists rely on it

Capturing Memories

Several days ago, there was a segment on NPR regarding the effects camera phones on memory. The radio segment recalls a NZ psychologist's study on how the use of cell phone cameras is impacting our ability to form memories in childhood. Her take on it, as the segment relays, is that the use of camera phones (or more generally, photography) can inhibit a child's memory formation. I found the segment thought provoking, leading me to consider how I myself acquire memories and by what means. I think that I would be most like everyone else in admitting that I like to create memories through photos. Though I don't consider myself skilled in any of the arts, I do have an interest, with photography

Escort Review Forums

The topic of reviews has been covered exhaustively in blogs of many ladies who hate them but I thought I'd write a note here with something to add. When I initially put my site up, I tried advertising and participating on all the review boards. Over the couple of years I've been around now, I've come to realize that review forums have not worked for me. I'm generally a very open-minded person, and so was open to them in the beginning and still am as long as they are delivered in a subtle and discrete manner. I would not snub my nose at review-loving hobbyist as many ladies who call themselves "high-end" most likely would but it does seem as though many of these hobbyists tend to snub their n

New Directions

So, I've decided that I won't be writing what I've originally thought I would be on here, decided to keep some of my treasured stories to myself. However, I'd re-post whatever I had up before. This blog from now on will just be on the somewhat monotonous musings about pretty random things. Over the last several months, I've been living the gypsy lifestyle, traveling quiet a bit from one place to another accumulating adventures and life experience. I feel very lucky to have been able to do that. I would love to share some of my adventures with my friends, new and old, but more so, in the private realm than on here. :-) For a multitude of reasons, I've been seriously considering moving out of

New Blog, New Platform, New Year

For about a year, I've been attempting a blog via Word Press, but I've finally decided that it's not working for me. I feel as though it's so complicated, it breaks my head. I'm open to the idea that maybe my posts are lacking in substance or entertainment value and that is why they have barely generated any traffic, but I'd rather relegate the blame onto WP, saying that it's not for someone that is as lacking in technical savvy as I and is therefore, not a blogging platform suitable for me and so it's time for me to switch platforms. I am someone who would much rather focus on creating written content, rather than creating content combined with CMS and HTML tweaking and pluggins-the latter

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