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Context As Everything

There is an old debate in the history of psychology regarding nature and nurture: Nature versus nurture. What make a person so and so? What makes a person act so and so? An interesting take on it that turns it into a more sociological issue is what influences a person into treating things this way versus that as a result of the way they perceive them. For someone such as myself, who's interested in a bunch of useless trivia pertaining to the social sciences, the question is a pressing one.

Each person presents themselves in a way that positions themselves to be perceived a certain way by their target audience. At least that is true for a lot of people who are strategic in the way they approach situations. Image is everything. Sometimes it's the context that influences that image just as much as the image itself and nothing but. The context is like an encasing in which that something is presented. In the past few weeks, I've thought about image. How people perceive you is influenced so much by where they meet you and under what circumstance. That initial meeting place is forever imprinted in their mind as an encasing in which you present yourself. First image is everything, as the saying goes, but so is the context in which it's presented.

I hope that I present myself to you in a way that you enjoy. Marketing is not my strong suit, as I've found out, over the last few years. Presentation of a fantasy involves the constant treading of a thin line between fantasy and falsity. But whatever it is that shines through from me in our interaction will hopefully brighten your day.

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