Few Thoughts About Tricks of the Trade

As the year approaches it's end, I'd like to reflect on some of my time this past year and how I hope to do things differently in the forthcoming year. As many of you know, I've traveled pretty extensively on a domestic scale this past year and a half after moving from NYC. This is about as committed as I have been to being an escort during my entire tenure in the business. During this time, I think I've learned a good bit that I will like to share with you here. This will influence me going forward, so any changes I implement as far as adjusting how I travel, surcharges, etc. will most likely arise from my learning experience. In putting ads up for places I've considering visiting, I've enc

Fruit Adventures

Just returned from a trip abroad, where, thanks to most of you reading this blog, I had the opportunity to escape for a couple of weeks for a vacation in Latin America. During the stay, I tried a variety of foods which comprise the Latin American diet. Since I tend to gravitate towards a quasi-vegetarian diet, I enjoy the fruits and veggies the best. Here, I would like to share some exotic fruits with which I've become acquainted during my most recent vacation: Borojo: At first sight, the fruit struck me as not yet ripened. Maybe it's because I associate green in a fruit with the green of a banana before it turns yellow. As it turns out, the fruit in all it's greenery is as ripe as it's supp

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