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Few Thoughts About Tricks of the Trade

As the year approaches it's end, I'd like to reflect on some of my time this past year and how I hope to do things differently in the forthcoming year. As many of you know, I've traveled pretty extensively on a domestic scale this past year and a half after moving from NYC. This is about as committed as I have been to being an escort during my entire tenure in the business. During this time, I think I've learned a good bit that I will like to share with you here. This will influence me going forward, so any changes I implement as far as adjusting how I travel, surcharges, etc. will most likely arise from my learning experience.

In putting ads up for places I've considering visiting, I've encountered a lot of requests that would ultimately cancel once I got to the city. During my travels, I would not take deposits, out of understanding that many gents who request appointments do not want to risk compromising their privacy via any sort of paper trail from an electronic deposit. This is actually true for a lot of well-meaning gents. As it turns out though, it's also true of gents who have no intention of keeping appointments.

As I've learned, hobbyists sometimes work together to organize appointments with the same lady coming to their town, just to collectively cancel. To the gents doing that sort of thing, it's just a prank. On a more malicious level, it is also meant to 'teach' the lady that maybe her rates are too high for the market. Assuming that the lady doesn't have funds saved up prior to touring the locale, the collective cancellations are meant to make the lady desperate for cash, and subsequently lower her rates. That's when some of the professional tricks trickle back in, requesting their appointments but now, getting them at a lower rate. I'm not sure if the guys who play this sort of game are just projecting their own hostile work environments and the resulting sense of powerlessness onto an online escort; or whether they were born a sociopath. I suppose either is possible but please don't be that guy...

Hobbyists also work collectively to book appointments that they know a lady cannot keep. While spending a substantial amount of time commuting back and forth to San Francisco a few years ago, this was especially true. Every time I was leaving that city to go back to LA, I would get a slew of appointment requests coming into my mailbox. I'm pretty sure that everyone who was contacting me knew that I couldn't keep the appointment because I just left the city, as it was indicated on all of my profiles and social media. Nonetheless, this type of situation makes you think that you may have missed a substantial amount of income by leaving, instead of extending your stay. Sometimes you panic and consider whether you should cancel your trip out of the city in order to cater to the incoming requests. I've dealt with this for so long though that I know better, it's just cheap trolls trying to unnerve you. Because of this experience, I'm strongly considering a surcharge for something I'd call a Rush Request, which would apply to all same-day appointment requests.

Any place where people come together is meant for a positive purpose. There are groups, with which most online escorts are familiar, for hobbyists and for the ladies to congregate, separately or together. These groups are meant for networking and for the exchange of information relavent to "the industry". In the ideal world, hobbyist groups serve a positive purpose-mainly, to protect men from harm in certain kinds adventures. But as I've demonstrated above, these sorts of groups do not always serve their intended purpose and can be a hotbed for bullies and bullying behavior. As I know that many review sites are resurfacing, please beware that escorts know about these types of manipulative ploys like the couple mentioned above. These tactics are cruel and unnecessary. They make the business toxic and only reinforce all the negative stigma about how a supposedly harmless hobby can do so much emotional harm to others.

Though I may seem a bit paranoid in the above descriptions, at least my first example of misbehavior has been confirmed by others.Thankfully, the aforementioned examples of misbehavior (as well as a few I've failed to mention) have not really effected me. I've been very fortunate to have other diversions in my life for the vast majority of my work as an escort. I also am very fortunate to have plenty of gents who support my livelihood as clients. I don't even have to do anything-that is, other than show up, looking pretty! Nevertheless, these types of misbehaviors as mentioned above effect me in less serious ways, like a loss of time. Time is very valuable and that is what it for sale here. There are a plethora of things I can be doing with it, some of which include earning money in a way that does not accrue the same level of risk that being an escort does.

Going forward, I hope to be a bit more judicious in planning my tours. Any negative experience that I've acquired in this business only strengthens me in any future obstacles I opt to surmount. I have a few goals in mind with regards to some day retiring from this business. This necessitates a lot more work and a more judicious use of my time. I now know many of the tricks of the trade that are used to negate the value of my time and I hope to do a better job in mitigating them from now on.

These are all my thoughts for now, as disjointed as they may be.

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