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With the recent shelter-in-place orders enforced throughout the country, many of us have been forced to halt our day-do-day life and stay home and the impact has been two-sided. On the one hand, the shelter-in-place has been annoying. As the weeks passed, we've seen our freedoms infringed on in the name of public safety. In other ways, it has been a blessing. I have had ample free time to work on other ventures, establish new goals for myself and assuming the world goes back to normal, come back as Lilith/Lily refreshed and optimistic.

In my hiatus the past two and a half months, I've managed to utilize the added free time to learn some new skills. This involved watching six ten hour online classes, webinars, multiple youtube tutorials, reading books and blog posts about my topic of interest, and skimming through social media groups to learn more. Part of this new venture has been trying to educate myself in the area of technology. This venture expands upon some of my current pursuits, only the emphasis on technological literacy is something that is new and an obstacle for me, which I hope to surmount with practice.

I have also embarked on some additional, non-career focused goals for self-improvement. One of them has been cooking. It is something I've always loved to do, but have been unable due to lack of time, proper facilities given my heavy travel schedule in the past and the overall lack of opportunity. Well, the last few months have given me plenty of time, and I have eaten nothing but homemade food. Hopefully, the vegan and pescaterian parts, are the only parts of that aspect of my life, that you will be able to notice.

Having run my first marathon in mid-March, I hope to do more, though admittedly, I've burnt out from my training for the long run and have slacked on it since then. Instead, I have been working on my flexibility. I have been trying to force myself into a split for many months now. I can do the side one pretty well, just need to continue working on it. Some have commented on my level of flexibility, inquiring whether I were a dancer or do yoga. I'm still trying to build upon it, while also building my strength and endurance.

As the world opens up and as we all seek out to cure our cabin fever, I hope that we can look back upon the past several months as a time well worth it. I hope that I can continue to build upon what I started while in hiatus, and hopefully, it will help me continually improve my life for the future.

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