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What You Seek

We all enter this exclusive world of the demimonde for our own reasons. A lot of our reasons are alike, some are unique. As you may be able to gather, lots of ladies have their reasons, as do the men. We are all wanting something. So what is it that you want?

Lots of escorts advertise companionship in exchange for time, though another depiction of the exchange is entertainment in exchange for compensation. This means amusement, diversion, mental relief and relaxation.

Do you like the anticipation of meeting someone new? Or the anticipation of meeting someone familiar, but someone with whom your interaction is severely limited? I think many of us engage in this for the thrill and for the excitement.

What about the prospect of meeting someone you would not ordinarily come in contact with? Some gents liken the ladies they spend time with to someone who is completely out of reach. Like meeting an angel, it's a fantasy.

As for me, I meet gents who I greatly admire but may not be able to interact with on such a personal level, under more conventional circumstances. This lifestyle affords me a lot of freedom, a lot of choice and a lot of opportunity, which is easier for me to access than it otherwise would be without it. It has its trying moments sure, but even those, I think I enjoy for the challenge.

Most of all, I enjoy you enjoying me. There is something special in being the source of someone's joy. The glimmer and awe in one's eye, just by my being present with you, the type of joy that seems so simple and pure.

I hope that you get what it is that you seek from this exclusive world of the demimonde.

And I hope that were we to meet, I am what you seek.

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