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Sexy Lingerie

In my earlier photo collections, most of my photos were taken either completely in the nude or completely clothed. If you’ve been following me a while, you might have noticed the initial lack of lingerie. That is because I’m someone that enjoys artistic nudes as an art form, so it only makes sense that I incorporate some of that in the photo shoots that end up in my online galleries.

Little did I know before that lingerie serves a purpose. Most men supposedly prefer it over plainness of a naked body because lingerie serves as a type of visually-stimulating adornment. With that in mind, I still appreciate the idea of black and white nude images. There is also always a time and place to walk around nude. However, I’m now more receptive to experimenting with different kinds of lingerie.

Since my day-to-day life involves modeling lingerie, I’ve had the opportunity to develop my own style. I think this is the case with most women in my position. Where adornment of the body (and self) is a requirement, one learns their preferences of style eventually, if not quickly. I prefer the lacy, frilly sort of things. The more busy the better. I realize the downside to this is it wears out quicker. Nonetheless, it’s still enjoyable for the several times before moving on to a new favorite piece.

Elegantly feminine, I think, is the most befitting adjective to describe my lingerie preference. This is definitely a contrast to the less traditional, sporty style, such as the line that Victoria Secret regularly features. I’ve been known to wear loud colors, which I like as long as it matches my skin tone. So any tone of blue, pink and red is fine, whether it is bold or a bit more subdued. White is especially pretty. I also like black because it’s most practical. It's the one color that fades most slow. It also seems to match everything. As long as the style is to my liking, I enjoy anything from mid-range lingerie outlets to the higher-end. The mid-range includes Victoria Secret. It always has something that I like and looks nice. The higher-end outlets, which seem to be the more popular among escorts, include Agent Provacateur or La Perla. I'm always receptive of learning of other brands that are less well-known.

In the future, I'm hopeful that a few black and white tasteful nudes will find their way from my imagination to my gallery. At the same time though, I’m very much so enjoying experimenting with different types of lingerie. Every new piece is truly a pleasant surprise.

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