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Desiree Alliance 2016

Last time I visited a Desiree Alliance Conference, it was held in Las Vegas. I was very new to the industry, bright-eyed and bushy tailed enthusiastic. I was in awe, happy to be in it and to learn all that I could about the new, wonderful adventures I was having and which were yet to come, as well as to foster some connections with others in the industry. I had much fun at the first Desiree Alliance Conference, so I was very much so looking to this one as well.

This conference is not only for escorts. It’s also for other types of industry professionals, including dommes, burlesque dancers, lingerie models, etc, as well as individuals who are their allies. My previous conference experience prior to Desiree Alliance consisted of a few academic ones, but nothing specifically dealing with the advancements of labor and human rights of a marginalized section of the population as this particular conference does.

I hope that there is much progress to come in terms of the government’s and society’s recognition of human and labor rights of sex workers and I am optimistic that improvements are already underway. Various articles present prostitution as a viable economic option. This rhetoric is gaining momentum in contrast to the government’s trafficking propaganda that posits all women in the industry are girls that are forced, by brute force or manipulation rather than that of economic circumstance. A few other instances show dialogue about sex worker rights, if not advancement. For example, the Proposition K ballot to decriminalize prostitution in San Francisco failed by a very small margin The proponents of Proposition K continue the fight for decriminalization with litigation (instead of votes, this time) on a larger scale that extends beyond the city to a statewide level and more recently, including more than a handful of states in the western region in the litigation in favor for the decriminalization of prostitution. Also, few, high profile class-action lawsuits reprimanded strip clubs for misclassifying strippers as independent contractors. Clubs continue to misclassify, but are liable to be held accountable for this misclassification, something that I feel NV brothels should also be subject to.

This was not my first time in New Orleans. Nor was it my second. In fact, I was on the verge of moving there a year and a half ago, only the plan did not materialize. I was very happy to reunite with some familiar ladies from California, and meet a few more that I’ve been acquainted with in passing, online. I got the opportunity to dine at the Galatoire’s off of Bourbon St., a restaurant where Tennesse Williams supposedly sat in the corner of and wrote his plays. My trip was short but sweet. Due to obligations back home, I was only able to attend for two days before returning back to the hustle-and-bustle of the large metropolis of Los Angeles but I’m very glad for the wonderful trip and am very much looking for the next time.

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