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Brains And Beauty

Why am I in so-called hibernation? I've embarked on the pursuit to acquire certain physical attributes that are oft equated with female beauty. And in many men's eyes, this physical attribute is also equated with brains. I'm not sure what part of the equation I had (and had not) before I embarked on my aforementioned pursuit, but I hope to have both parts in my working arsenal for a long time to come, until after I'm well past the age of caring about either.

Ah, how I sometimes yearn to become a farm girl, or maybe a Peace Core volunteer where two seemingly disparate things (as in the title of this post) aren't conflated!

As of late, I'm enjoying reading more than usual. My reading usually weighs more towards online stuff, shorter pieces, like essays about topics of interest I find interesting or fictional interludes. But as of late, since my everyday surroundings are more calm and typical, everyday-obligations are reduced both for the purpose of hibernating the best that I possibly can, my reading has weighed more towards lengthier pieces in novella form or longer.

And, admittedly, a little bit of reality TV.

Also, as much as I like being lazy (especially when I'm not feeling optimal), I'm putting in a vested effort to explore the world around me a bit. I did that a fair bit in SF. Or at least, more than usual, by my standards. But since I'm now in LA where I'm most happy and most at home, I tend to want to do it less out of complacency, so sight-seeing on my own takes a bit more motivation.

When I'm done hibernation, I hope to have brains and beauty both. From the hibernating, from the reading, the sight-seeing, maybe even the reality shows I've watched: Who-knows from what. It's always best to be diversified.

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