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I'd describe myself as relatively practical but always, with idealist aspirations. I've never liked the 'self-discover' phrase or aspiration in others because it goes contrary to practicality. While I lived in LA, I've heard the emphasis on self-discovery more than once, perhaps one to many times as a matter of fact. The place has a history of cults-does it not?-so anything that is impractical in that city is not anything of a surprise.

In the last several months, I've had some time to reflect in regards to the whole, 'self-discovery' issue. And as much as I'm not partial to the phrase or the concept, I think that I might be relinquishing my previous inclination to dismiss the concept, I'm ever more moving towards warming up to the concept as something legitimate due to my own experiences of self-discovery.

In the past few years, I've embarked on a few new ventures. It's not something I've ever thought possible for myself a few years back because I thought I was an entirely different person that I am becoming as of today. I don't foresee this unspoken venture as a long-term enterprise but it is one that, even if temporary, can serve a certain purpose in my life.

Life is hectic for most. I'm privileged in the sense that I have more autonomy over my schedule than most. I can halt my schedule to rejuvenate and reflect. These are things necessary for self-fulfillment but not afforded to most in our crazy world. I think that, as we all go through life, circumstances change, priorities change. Life follows a trajectory we might not have otherwise expected.

So here I am, self-discovered in a way that I thought not possible. I've had the opportunity to experience things I never thought I would and I'm all the more richer for it. Even if it is not for the long-term, it infuses my life with extra meaning. What I thought I could never enjoy or be a part of, I now am. And though I realize it may not be permanent, it fulfills me for the time being.

What is your recent self-discovery?

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