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The topic of reviews has been covered exhaustively in blogs of many ladies who hate them but I thought I'd write a note here with something to add.

When I initially put my site up, I tried advertising and participating on all the review boards. Over the couple of years I've been around now, I've come to realize that review forums have not worked for me. I'm generally a very open-minded person, and so was open to them in the beginning and still am as long as they are delivered in a subtle and discrete manner. I would not snub my nose at review-loving hobbyist as many ladies who call themselves "high-end" most likely would but it does seem as though many of these hobbyists tend to snub their nose at me for not having reviews.

Well, let's face it. Like attracts like in this world. There is nothing high-end about spilling the dirty about the most graphic details of one's private encounters in a series of acronyms referring to sexual acts. I think it pretty obvious that high end clients gravitate towards high end providers, most of which do not have reviews because they are too exclusive to acquire them or simply because the idea churns their stomach. Many hobbyists scratch their head at what a high-end lady decides to charge for her time when they notice that she has no reviews, that she doesn't show her face, and that "she's not even a '10'!". But contrary to what most hobbyists believe, it is the lack of reviews that define the high end; the other thing, is the common sense not to allow them.

I understand that the guys on review forums are doing what they can to protect themselves by referencing reviews. And they should, try to do what they can to protect themselves, that is, because it is my belief that they too, become vulnerable when they seek out and see a provider. But really, how reliable are these reviews? In the past, I've worked with many ladies who wrote their own, and the hobbyists that would come and see them, had no clue. I've heard of wanna-be clients submitting reviews of providers they've never seen just to earn a free membership to a review forum. Managers sometimes submit reviews on behalf of their working girls. All of these dishonest practices are not always possible to detect.

I don't want to vent excessively about how I don't like reviews. I think this has been done before by many, and to no avail because I think the review culture will prevail as will the types of men that have nothing better to do but to devote most of their recreational time to review boards while remaining thrifty on what they spend on the women they see.

I may have one review coming up. However, I no longer welcome them to the same extent as I did when I first entered the demimonde world. I am considering putting up an "endorsement" page on my site but admittedly, that does sound a bit pretentious. So, I've yet to think about it.

Without reviews, I guess the men out there will just have to trust their gut as to whether they would want to become acquainted with me. I'm in no way inexperienced, but I am exclusive and very low volume. I love meeting new men, but if you don't feel good about the prospect of meeting me, then maybe we are not meant to be...:-)

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