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New Blog, New Platform, New Year

For about a year, I've been attempting a blog via Word Press, but I've finally decided that it's not working for me. I feel as though it's so complicated, it breaks my head. I'm open to the idea that maybe my posts are lacking in substance or entertainment value and that is why they have barely generated any traffic, but I'd rather relegate the blame onto WP, saying that it's not for someone that is as lacking in technical savvy as I and is therefore, not a blogging platform suitable for me and so it's time for me to switch platforms. I am someone who would much rather focus on creating written content, rather than creating content combined with CMS and HTML tweaking and pluggins-the latter is probably better suited for someone more thoroughly well-rounded-right and left brain sided, the creative and logical-rather than just one, as I may be. So, what I am going to do from now on is copy and paste my blog entries from wordpress (most which I have saved also on a usb) and repost it here, and see if that has any effect on how many people are reading whatever I put up. Of course, I'll post new content along the way as well.

When reading the stuff I post on here from my previous blog onto here, please bear in mind that when I say something is 'flash fiction,' it's meant to be taken at face-value as fiction. Like it says. Based on true events, but fictionalized. Some of what I've posted in the past seems as though I'm devulging true happenings of what I should not. However, that is not my intention at all. If anything, I feel as though protecting the privacy (what I equate with the dignity) of others is more important than protecting my own. That is why I change names, locations, even fictionalize events in order to tell a story in a transparent, honest manner that I feel is most moral and ethical; and, give it a human element if not always a glamorizing element as seems to be the trend of the common day; but, do so semi-anonymously rather than completely anonymously as is a not-so-ucommon trend among escorts who write in explicit detail about their experiences with their clients under a completely different name than their working name.

Due to a recent hacking incident, into my computer, where all of my info was retrieved down to student loan statement and tax documents with all my legal info on it as well as all my photos and all my writing dating way back, I started writing rough drafts of pretty much everything on paper first in order to preserve the original in the making, so to speak (I'vve also cut my computer time down to almost null in comparison to before). It's definitely a different, much messier, but more (shall I say?) adventurous, experience! This change of the way in which I do things with regards to writing things down is new, and I have yet to see how it works, but I sure do hope it works for the best. There is so much writing that I've neglected to save over the years, mostly poetry that has gotten carelessly or purposely destroyed, misplaced or forgotten in packing and moving from one place to another; and in putting it up on some sort of online medium, my hope is to preserve what I yield from now on. Now, later on down the line, if it appears as though it's ringing on dead ears, I'll probably continue posting random, jumbled thoughts like this blog post is, but shy away from posting something a bit more cohesive, like a fictionalized account or a poem as my WordPress blog contained.

As to the updates regarding me and not blogging: I ended the year with travel, and began the year travelling again, with a couple of days for rest in between. What I do now is not something I will divulge on an online forum. Rather, I'll lend that sort of confidentiality to the possibility of being commercialized (You can guess as to how, and if you guess aligns with my thought process, perhaps we may be compatible?). What I will say is that it's a couple of different things in order to generate an income, none of which involves the hobby of providing companionship, or selling sexual acts for money as I did at the brothel in Southern NV (which I miss very much, btw). Yeah, my material is still up, my online presence still lurking but that's because I'd rather delegate my time towards doing something more fruitful than taking down the content that no one responds to anyhow. Though I will miss providing happiness, it's not something that is proving itself to be a practical option at this time. So it remains more of a dream job, rather than the reality.

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