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Those of you with whom I am acquainted know that I've been overly engaged in my more mundane life outside of this endeavor which is why I've neglected to update this blog for so long. I've been fairly active on twitter in the form of shorter updates, so it's apparent that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. (I did, however, almost fall off something else not too long ago while riding a bus full of people on a road off a very tall mountain but that is a very funny and fun story for another time.)

Life is just busy, with lapses of pause to recuperate. Time can be thought of as a journey, and on my journey within the past year, I've discovered many things. These are things I can delve into, things that excite me more than anything, and then some unanswered questions. Then there are things that I've known long enough now that I enjoy and were reaffirmed countless times over. I'm just struggling to make sense of it all. In many ways, it's all been a respite from the vitality of the life I had left. I'm thankful for that but I'm searching for more. I'm thinking I might be on the road again. I realize I mentioned this as soon as I arrived here, but hopefully, the statement will materialize into action soon enough.

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