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Traversing Land

So as the new year begins, I'm contemplating all the new places I got to visit this past year, with the last six months being particularly travel-intensive. I'm also looking into my records to determine which places were the most rewarding, and thus, the most worthwhile to re-visit if the opportunity presents itself. I would like to be more efficient about this whole endeavor in the future, so whether or not I re-visit your terrain depends largely on my introductory experience.

This past year, I got to visit Miami for the very first time (and most likely, not the last), parts of Alabama, revisit parts of Louisiana and acquaint myself with parts never before visited, New Mexico, three different cities in California, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, and probably a few different spots I've left out. This upcoming year, I would like to pay better attention to Texas, and maybe Florida but we shall see how this all pans out as the year progresses and what I feel like. As I'm coming to find out, I do like a little bit of last-minute spontaneity.

I have a few upcoming commitments where I'd be bound to my present home and thus, unable to travel in the next few months as intensively as most recently. So when I will be traveling February through March, the trips will most likely be very short-lived in a single city, for only three or four days at a time before I would need to return home for a few days.

I love to fly, so flying was great. I love the little butterflies I get in my stomach as the flight takes off. And if there is ever turbulence, that is my kind of party! Most of the traveling was very easy, with only a couple of times that my bags were delayed and only once was my flight delayed because of poor weather. So thus far, I've had very good luck with the traveling bit. It's also been great fun to rent a car once in a while to traverse land by car for meetings. I tend to enjoy traversing new land by foot via walks for sight-seeing or jogs in unfamiliar terrain, but the traversing land by car was a novel and as I found out, for me, an interesting experience.

I would love to visit Colombia, the country, once again, for the same reason that I visited there the first time nearly two and a half years ago. However, that is a project-in-the-making. It looks like it would need to wait at least a few more months if not longer, though I hoped I could make it happen as soon as two weeks from now.

So that is it for now. I hope to meet you soon, or reconnect if our schedules and locales align! If you are in beautiful New Mexico, message me to meet while I'm still here and available. Or, if I'm where you are, somewhere else, feel free to message me to forge a connection.

Other than that, happy Friday/beginning of the weekend everyone!



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