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Like A Woman

The eternal question of what do women want: I don't think it's been answered yet. Nor do I think that there is a definitive answer for it, since all us women are different, varied and dynamic species of a sort. Being that I believe in fairness, I'm very much so open to the flip-side of this "What do women want?" issue to ask the reverse question of "What do men want?".

When I first set out on my adventures as a companion, being the slight tomboy that I always was, I did not think of myself as very different from the average male, and therefore, thought that I had a relatively good grasp of the male psychology. I thought that men simply desired to be. Like women, I thought most men yearned for fun, for stimulation, for connection. But overall, I thought that men were in general less finicky about dress and style, more interested in ideas over practical matters, less interested in stability and more interested in personal space. But as I become acquainted with more men and more women, I now feel that maybe women and men aren't as different as I originally thought them to be. So the questions of what defines a man, what defines a woman, and how the two are different, and what different things do each sex wants: All these questions continue to elude me.

If I really understood what men wanted as much as I originally thought, I would by now ceased to be perplexed by the question of what is it that men want. As I continue on in my adventures, I realize that perhaps I'm not as much of a tomboy as I once thought I was. I think I relate well to males, yes. Yet, I don't relate so well that our thought patterns align in a way as to negate any sexual tension and undermine any mystery between us, man and woman.

So I continue to wonder, what is it that you, the man wants? And in the meanwhile, you wonder just the opposite.

And we both remain mystified.

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