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New Year!

Hello all!

It's unfortunate that the holiday season is nearing its close but we've got an entire new year of adventure awaiting us, hopefully all good.

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. The time prior-with all the spirit in the decorations, lights, hot beverages and it's celebratory, seasonal songs-is something I truly enjoy. I did not always celebrate Christmas and I can't say that I do now. To be more exact, I celebrate it now more in spirit with others- I definitely appreciate all the festivities around me.

I spent my holiday season traveling a lot and a lot of time in solitude. I can't really complain, given that my environment was nice. When you have the comfort of a nice hotel room, and all the amenities you could want plus music, some good stories and male attention here and there, what else could a girl want?

Post Christmas, I treated myself to Anastasia at The Fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis. The theater itself was extraordinarily beautiful. And the show was entertaining, as it aimed to be. I remember seeing Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco once, for the second time, the first of which was in NYC. And the main character's voice bothered me greatly. Nothing like this happened this time, thankfully. It was engaging in a way that was a delight! If you want a more detailed review, you should see it for yourself.

In my personal opinion, there is no place like NYC for Christmas and that can be said about New Years eve as well. Having moved out NYC after my short one-year stint there and thus having foregone that experience this year, I hope to celebrate the winter holidays sometime in NYC once again as I did last year.

My leaving NYC in conjunction with having left LA a year prior may be a start of a new beginning. By that, I mostly mean my increased availability as a companion. I've made some changes in my rate structure to reflect that for the time being. However, I've yet to see whether that new beginning is yet to materialize fully in the long-term, as it has been the case this past year. Or whether I'll cling on to some of my old ways, and in effect, limiting my availability to you. Perhaps that is a thought for a new year's resolution?

I will be foregoing my trip to LA and finalizing my tour early, to finish my year off in Albuquerque with availability in Santa Fe. I have a few extracurricular activities coming up in January and I think it best for me to conserve my energy and resources to prepare for the few upcoming and long-anticipated events I have coming up.

Thus ends my light and fluffy post: I wish you all a somewhat belated whatever-holiday-you-celebrate in mid/end of December. And a very happy New Year!

Let's try and make it fabulous!

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