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Not to long ago, I spotted a photo of someone engaging in a water sport. I've yet to find out what that water sport is, but it got me thinking about the topic of diversion-the various activities we engage in for diversion.

Why do we seek diversion? We seek it for distraction. We seek it as therapy.

Diversion can be a hobby, a happy way to pass the time. Or otherwise, diversion can be a type of escape. It may be an escape from the mundanity of everyday life, a type of relief from boredom. It can also be an escape from stress. Either way, it brings joy.

So, what do you like to do as a form of diversion?

I have a host of activities I enjoy. You may have a read a little about my traveling escapades. In general, I have a curiosity about life and about people. In many ways, this line of work where you find me has been a diversion for me. It allows me to learn about places and about people, about life in general. I love learning, I love experiencing. These are all the diversions I enjoy. Then, there are many more. Hopefully, reading this encourages you to reflect on your own preferred modes of diversion.

There are lots of ways of engaging in diversion. For many, it involves television. That type of diversion provides a visually engaging way to see a story unfold before one's very eyes. To some, diversion is spending time amidst the water: swimming, going to the beach and laying in the sand, or spending time by the pool with some drinks, music and good company. Others feels rejuvenated amidst the sky and the earth, such that hiking in the mountains is the preferred diversion, which leaves one refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. Or, also enjoyable is, cozying up in an 80 degree apartment during a rainy or snowy day with a good book. Another example is long distance running. Some may deem it masochistic (and it is, in a way), but it is also, meditative, transcendent and hence, also a source of diversion. These are just a few examples of what is diversion for many.

If you've found yourself here, I'm sure that it's because you were in search of a diversion. I hope that you find whatever it is that you seek. Reflecting on what you find diversion may be enough diversion. Maybe you require a sort of engagement to feel the full of effect of diversion. Regardless whatever you seek or whatever is the reason, I hope that it brings you joy.

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